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About Me

Hey, I’m Sophie, a Personal Trainer qualified in Strength & Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. During my time at University I found my passion for helping others achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. My love for sport and exercise, combined with my love for helping others reach their goals keeps me motivated every day, to go above and beyond.


For me, this isn’t just a gym workout. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, and a passion. I am completely invested in the progress of my clients.


I’ve been involved in competitive sports since a young age, and showed an interest in Sports Science from an early age, studying from Secondary School, through College, University, and into further extra-curricular courses, including Mentorship Programs, Biomechanics, Performance Enhancement Specialism, and Sports Massage.


I believe in fully investing my time and money into being the best possible coach for my clients.

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